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Modifié le 25/03/2014
Due to its missions, activities, and internationally recognised skills and technical expertise, the Préfecture de Police is in permanent contact with the police forces and fellow citizens of neighbouring countries and other countries all over the world. Here we focus on some of the departments of the Préfecture de Police, using a few key examples.

The Paris Region Community Safety Department

Each year, the Paris Region Community Safety Department (DSPAP) receives over 20 international delegations, to which it explains the diversity of its tasks and passes on its expertise, particularly in the fight against petty and minor crime.

The General Police Division

The General Police Division (DPG) deals with people of all nationalities every day, mainly concerning their right of residence in France, but also regarding their driving licence, vehicle registration, administrative procedures or applications for French citizenship.

The Operational Division for Technical Services and Logistics

The Operational Division for Technical Services and Logistics (DOSTL) deals with all the equipment requirements of the various departments, such as vehicles, boats, helicopters, public order devices and communication networks. Its technical expertise means that it is regularly involved in international cooperative missions.

The Department for Transport and Protection of the Public

The Department for Transport and Protection of the Public (DTPP) aims to provide an exemplary service to the public, which is as varied as the administrative policies it implements. It has therefore launched a huge project to improve how it deals with non-French speakers. The project includes foreign language information leaflets (fire safety notices in workshops, shops and warehouses, the welcome charter for the Préfecture de Police psychiatric department, the family welcome booklet at the forensics institute, the flyer to raise awareness and prevent the use of unauthorised taxis etc.) and also an improvement in  the lost property telephone reception service (personnel who can speak four languages).

The Intelligence Service

The missions of the Intelligence Service are to assist public order, fight against illegal immigration networks and research operational information. In its fight against illegal immigration networks, it works in partnership with the criminal police and the Paris Region Community Safety department, on investigations into illegal immigration networks and illegal foreign workers. Together with the General Police Division, it leads the Regional Unit to combat illegal immigration. In close cooperation with other authorities, it is represented in the Paris and inner suburb regional intervention groups which combat underground economic networks  that might support organised crime or terrorist groups.

The General Secretariat of the Defence and Safety Zone

Other people's experience can always be used to improve, identify defects and change the way we act and intervene. The Préfecture de Police - via the  General Secretariat of the Defence and Safety Zone - did not hesitate, therefore, to cross the Atlantic to New York to learn lessons from the management of Hurricane Sandy.