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Modifié le 22/04/2020

Welcome to Paris!

To ensure you have a pleasant stay in the French capital, you need to know a few tips and tricks.

Arriving in Paris...

Travelling around Paris...

  • Theft : on public transport, in department stores etc. click here
  • Scams : petitions, card tricks, the gold ring trick etc. click here
  • Places where scams take place : Montmartre, railway stations, Eiffel Tower etc. click here
  • Walking safely : use a shoulder bag, make sure your bag is closed click here
  • Cash machine :  €300 scam, skimming etc.
  • In your car : do not leave valuable objects on show, car-jacking, lock your car, car alarm etc. 

Enjoying Paris...

  • Restaurants/bars : clear indication of prices, jug of water scam etc. click here
  • At a football match : black market tickets etc.
  • Shows/cabarets :  ticket touts, black market etc.  click here

I've been the victim of...


Enjoy your stay!