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backFlying over Paris

Modifié le 27/05/2020

Flying over Paris is prohibited, further to the provisions of the 21 February 2018 Order which created a prohibited zone, identified as LF-P 23 Paris (Paris), in the Paris Flight Information Region.

Exemptions may, however, be issued to professionals by the Prefect of Police, upon receipt of a complete application file at least 5 working days before the planned flyover date and after review by the services of the Prefecture of Police.

Applications are to be sent to the Office of Public Thoroughfare of the Cabinet Service at the following address : " Ecrivez-nous  "

They must include at least  : 

  • the pre-flight declaration for flyover of a populated area by an uninhabited aircraft (CERFA no. 15476.02) ;
  • the certificate of aptitude for the function of telepilot or the certificate of theoretical aptitude ;
  • the proof of receipt of the declaration of activity by an operator of telepiloted aircraft ;
  • compliant flight plans, drawn to scale, showing the take-off and landing zone, aircraft’s movement zone, telepilot’s position, third-party exclusion zone around the drone movement zone and key,
  • the aircraft’s speed of movement or ascent in m/s.