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Your police stations

To be able to carry out its work within the local population, the Préfecture de Police has a number of contact points, which are spread all over the capital and the inner suburbs.

Each arrondissement (district) of Paris and each local département in the inner suburbs has its own local safety unit, open to the public 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, managed by a central police commissioner.

The commissioner manages, at territorial level, all the resources for efficient implementation of local police action.

Within each local safety unit, the DSPAP (Paris Region Community Safety Department) officers carry out multiple public safety and criminal police tasks.

Easily identifiable by their uniform which bears the badge of the Paris Region Community Safety Department, they assist in preventing and fighting against crime.

Photo : commissariats

In Paris

  • 1st arrondissement
  • 2nd arrondissement
  • 3rd arrondissement
  • 4th arrondissement
  • 5th arrondissement
  • 6th arrondissement
  • 7th arrondissement
  • 8th arrondissement
  • 9th arrondissement
  • 10th arrondissement
  • 11th arrondissement
  • 12th arrondissement
  • 13th arrondissement
  • 14th arrondissement
  • 15th arrondissement
  • 16th arrondissement
  • 17th arrondissement
  • 18th arrondissement
  • 19th arrondissement
  • 20th arrondissement

Inner suburbs

  • Haut-de-Seine (92)
  • Seine-Saint-Denis (93)
  • Val-de-Marne (94)